Welcome to the MAC2v3 Study

A pragmatic clinical trial with the goal of improving patient care for pulmonary MAC disease.

Over 300 subjects enrolled to-date!
Less than 200 subjects to go!

Study enrollment extended through Summer 2024

About Us

We are a team of researchers at Oregon Health and Science University and 20+ partner sites across the United States and Canada conducting a Patient-Centered Research Outcomes Institute (PCORI)-funded pragmatic trial to determine whether 2-drug therapy is as effective as and more tolerable than 3-drug therapy for MAC pulmonary disease, or “MAC2v3”.

Clinicaltrials.gov Information Page with eligibility criteria: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03672630

Do you have patients who are newly diagnosed with MAC pulmonary disease?

Let us support you with guidance from NTM experts as your MAC patients begin treatment! MAC2v3 study participation has been expanded to include virtual enrollment and telehealth visits. The study team is able to enroll patients from any health care provider nationwide. However, we need to enroll them prior to starting treatment. Once randomized, patients are monitored per usual care in collaboration with your clinic. There is no extra paperwork for you, data collection is managed by the enrolling site. Please contact MAC2v3@ohsu.edu if you are interested in participating and providing this opportunity to your patients.

Physician Benefits
  • No extra paperwork!
  • Access to study standard of care monitoring guidelines developed by NTM experts
  • Collaborative care with Study Investigators at NTM Centers
  • Contribute to patient-focused research to redefine standard of care for uncomplicated MAC pulmonary disease
How to Participate
  • Refer your patient for virtual or in-person enrollment while continuing as their treating physician in collaboration with Study Investigators or:
  • Refer your patient to the nearest study site for treatment and enrollment in the study

In either case, the enrolling study site manages observational data collection

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Have questions or interested in participating?

(503) 346-3752